2nd steering committee meeting of Olive culture for development of olive value chain in Pakistan

Competition (2019-10-25)

Drip Irrigation System(2020-02-14)

In House Meeting Peshawar

International Olive Conference 2020

International Webinar and press conference by Executive Director IOC(2021-10-21)

Literature on Olive(2020-09-25)

National Olive Festival 2020(2020-11-07)

National Olive Harvest Festival (2019-10-25)

News paper clippings(2020-09-25)

Official Engagement and meetings with Federal secretary MO NFS&R and Chairman PARC(2021-10-22)

Official Engagement with H.E Fakhar Imam Federal Minister MO NFS&R(2021-10-22)

Olive oil Processing and Value Addition(2020-07-08)

Olive oil tasting competition, 2020-11-07

olive orchard management and fruit harvesting for premium quality oil extraction(2020-08-12)

Olive Plantation at Fatima Jinnah Park F-9 by Pakistan Oilseed Development Board In Collaboration with Prime Minister youth program(2021-09-21)

Olive trainings(2020-02-05)

Plants Inspection Team(2020-02-10)

isit To Izhar Olive Orchard and Nursery Production Farm(2021-10-21)

World Olive Day 2020(2020-11-26)

POOC/olive advisory group Pakistan 25-27, July 2022