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Olive Home


Federal as well as Provincial governments are encouraging olive cultivation due to availability of land and favorable environment in the country.
During past , considering the good opportunity, Federal government launched different projects to promote the olive cultivation and production in the country which has been proved as a good option. Government of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has declared pothowar region and Sangbhatti has been declared as olive valleys respectively. Available marginal lands in Baluchistan, erstwhile FATA, AJK and GB have also shown a promising intervention for olive cultivation. The project aims to capture these opportunities for edible oil production through strengthening the capacity of public and private sectors in the areas of orchard management, nursery production, value addition, business planning and marketing of olive oil.
The initiative of promoting olive in the country will go a long way in reducing poverty and improving socio-economic conditions of rural masses and in the development of cottage industry with the involvement of youth and gender in private sector. Additionally, being the good carbon sink source, olive plantation addresses the issue of degraded environment and an adaptation measure against the challenges of changing climate resulting into clean and green ecology.